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We believe that good principles must inspire our professional lives. Indeed, this is how we reach everyday our twofold objective, which is to be compliant to the maximum extent to international best standards and regulations and to gain our customers' trust with cutting edge services that support their commercial strategy and their day-to-day operations or transactions.

Definitely, our values of transparency, boldness, integrity and accountability represent our core competitive advantage vis-à-vis other professionals. We celebrate our clients' uniqueness by focusing on their very specific needs and refrain from delivering any kind of  one-size-fits-all solutions.

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Mr. Andrea Ricci from Bellerophon Overseas delivers a meaningful insight into the international tax challenges standing in front of the European iGaming industry after the publication of the latest OECD guidelines concerning the taxation of the digital economy.

Read the full article "Cross-Border Expansion for the European Remote Gambling Industry: the Labyrinth of International Taxation" in Casino and Gaming International (Issue 39).  



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Sponsoring of international events Bellerophon Overseas
Russian Gaming Week 2019 Bellerophon Overseas Ltd.

Sponsoring of International Events


Bellerophon Overseas Ltd. regularly supports international events dedicated to the gaming and betting industry, with the aim of getting gambling operators together and promoting the sharing of business expertise and the use of state-of-the-art trendsetting technologies.


We Are Among the Participants of the Russian Gaming Week 2019                      (Moscow, 6-7 June 2019)


We cater to Russian gambling operators and support their global expansion into Asian and African markets. Taking advantage of an unparalleled technological heritage, Russian iGaming establishments are able to play a significant role in rising-star arenas of the like of Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania.

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