How to put to work your business idea

Entrepreneurs of the gambling industry  are aware of the importance of concepts like investment protection and confidentiality. And we do as well by assisting our clients in building efficient and cost-effective corporate structures  that ultimately deliver those results. With our presence in Luxembourg - one of the most reliable and reputable offshore financial centers in the world - we can help you in the set up of your holding company through which to manage and finance your business in a secure and tax-efficient way. Often indirect holding of the gaming undertaking means that your investment is sheltered by the risk of expropriation in the foreign country in which you operate, thanks to the network of bilateral investment treaties between States.


Understanding international taxation

As an highly regulated sector in almost any jurisdiction, gambling is heavily affected by local fiscal policies. On top of that, as a consequence of the swift expansion of the digital economy, countries around the globe are increasingly introducing special taxes on electronic transactions concluded by their residents, with an obvious negative  impact on online gambling platforms.  A wise tax planning that harness the benefits afforded by double tax agreements can help you alleviating that issue and ensure that you will just bear the taxation of your country of residence, without any additional burden.


For the ordinary administration of your undertaking

For holding companies incorporated in Luxembourg or in the Caribbean, we are able to assist our clients with the following services:

- Bookkeeping and maintenance of corporate records;

- Domiciliation;

- Preparation of financial statements under European GAAPs, US GAAPs, or IAS/IFRS;

- Preparation of corporate income tax and VAT returns (insofar applicable)



Overcoming regulatory hurdles

There is just a limited number of countries around the world where it is possible to establish an online gambling business. And each of them has particular features that you must carefully review before you start implementing your project. Notably the jurisdiction of your operations has a direct impact on taxes and on the access to banking services. A reputable regulatory environment could save your time and your money, though it could be harder to gain licensing. We are able to provide you with tailored guidance on the choice of your fittest gaming licence. 

These are some of the jurisdictions that we normally recommend:

- Curaçao 

- Malta

- Kahnawake

- Italy

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